Amy Anderson, President Design Perspectives

Amy grew up amidst a family of artists. Design for her is intuitive and has been a gift and passion from a very early age. Art was “play”. Twelve years ago, Amy founded Design Perspectives and has shared her gift with hundreds of satisfied clients since.

Amy’s unique background sets her apart in the interior design field.  In addition to her art and design expertise, she first earned an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Kansas.  As a result, she is able to interpret blueprints, visualize designs 3-dimensionally, communicate effectively with contractors and raise critical questions during remodeling projects.  Her clients may fully envision project outcomes in advance through product boards, drawings and computer-aided design tools.  Her attention to detail and her project planning and management skills are unparalleled.

With ten years of corporate sales, service and management experience at IBM, she embraces a commitment to professional excellence. She understands and emphasizes teamwork, so critical to the success of any design project. Her strong communication and listening skills enhance her client relationships and ensure anticipated outcomes even on complex and extensive projects.

Her design work has been featured in Indulge, Dallas Style and Design and Southlake’s Life Magazine. She was honored by Baker Furniture, selected as one of ten designers nationwide to attend their first ever “Designer Signature Event”.

As a designer, Amy combines her professional and technical skills with her artistry.  When asked about her company and career choice Amy emotes, “I am thrilled to be living my passion which benefits not only me, but my clients.  I love the relationships I build with my clients and I love the creative challenge. Nothing is more fun for my clients and for me than looking at the ‘Before and After’ photos at the end of a project.” With her heart in her vocation, Amy works diligently, enthusiastically and passionately…assisting her clients with the creation of beautiful and livable homes as well as beautiful and productive workspaces.

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