Reading Retreat: Capturing All Usable Space

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My client’s new home promised to provide everything that he might have hoped for and more.  An open kitchen, great room, formal and casual dining, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, game room, media room, formal library, office, exercise room and craft space.  What more could one person possibly need?  It wasn’t until it came time to pack his possessions that my client, a voracious reader, realized that his new home did not have easily accessible storage for his precious and enormous book collection.

There was only one “untapped” space:  an unfinished attic accessible only through a tiny door in the back of a long closet.  With no flooring and inconvenient access, the space was not likely to be used at all.

We eliminated the door at the back of the closet and installed more functional shelving. We substituted a full size door accessing the attic from the media room.  The attic space was insulated and finished off with HVAC, carpet, lighting and electrical.  Custom bookcases were designed to provide maximum book storing capacity.

With the addition of his favorite lounge chair, my client now has a private and quiet place to read, meditate and pray.  Although a near afterthought, the room is among my client’s favorite in his new home.

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Bathroom Renewed: We Kept the Cabinets

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We kept the cabinets.  Everything else had to go including the 12×12 white floor tile, the tiled vanity top, the drop-in floral porcelain sink, the framed brass shower enclosure, the 4×4 white shower tile and the time-stamped brass plumbing fixtures.

Fantasy Brown quartzite served as our starting point and inspiration.   That choice led us to a 12×24 limestone look-alike porcelain tile, a stone herringbone accent tile, polished nickel plumbing fixtures, cabinet hardware and lighting and a custom-framed beveled mirror.  A near frameless shower enclosure makes the room look less busy and showcases the statement tile.  All of our selections were coordinated with other material selections throughout the fully remodeled home to create a seamless “flow”.

The cabinets that survived the reinvention received a fresh coat of paint.

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Modern Media

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The technology:  the backlit, 110″D, zero-edge screen; surround sound; and remote control of media, lighting and sound was left to the technocrats.  The look, usability and comfort of the room was the responsibility of Design Perspectives.

We painted the walls a “media-room-medium dark”.  Two hip Kelly Wearstler sconces add dimmable movie-theater ambiance.  A custom-built media console was designed with multiple pull-out drawers to store movies, other media and games.  A super comfortable and flexible sectional was selected.  We pulled out a “single section” to function as a side chair.  Arteriors Tobin and Trevor stools function as both end tables or additional seating when there is a crowd.  A powder coated iron cocktail table is indestructible and provides a serving surface for snacks or a foot rest or both.

Cool sculpture illuminated by the blue backlight and an original, hand-painted canvas-wrapped “book” provides a convenient hiding spot for remotes.

Entertainment options abound without leaving home.


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Moving a Studio Out of the Basement

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My client expresses his creativity with fused glass: multi-colored glass fired in a kiln at a variety of high temperatures to add depth, relief and shape.

Prior to my client’s move to Texas, his craftship was relegated to his basement:  dark, cluttered and less than inspiring.  In his new home, with more bedrooms that he would ever actually use, we created a studio on his second floor.  We ensured it was conducive to his craft:  brightly lit with both natural and artificial light and with glass shard friendly, vinyl distressed-wood plank flooring.  We equipped his studio with a custom-built glass supply cabinet, two workbenches and a pegboard for efficient storage of his tools.  With his kiln at the ready in his garage, his ingenuity is unlimited.

Interestingly, fused glass dates back to early Roman times, and some archeological evidence suggests Egyptians used the techniques as early as 2000 BC.  In a new, customized studio in Roanoke, Texas, fused glass is still going strong.

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Staging: Believing in the Value

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The realtor on this listing believes in the value of staging wholeheartedly.  Enough to subsidize and roll up her sleeves for hands-on help with the process.  Working primarily with the homeowners’ possessions, we rearranged, tweaked and supplemented only with rental art and accessories.  The reward:  multiple offers in short order.  This realtor earned both her commission and a happy seller.

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A Guest Bath with Form and Function

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My client has a regular guest:  her daughter.  She uses a shower, not a tub, so no need to trip over one.  By replacing the tub with a frameless glass shower the space feels enlarged.  A removable rain head in the shower and a large undermount rectangular sink provide better functionality.  The glass tile accent in the shower and unique tile layout on the bathroom floor, the granite, the framed mirror and new brushed nickel plumbing and hardware provide the “form”.  Inviting… to encourage her daughter to come more often and visit just a bit longer.

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Another Better Bedroom: Staging to Sell or Live


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It began as a staging project.  In the bedroom we removed clutter, made the bed in “hotel-like” fashion, added fresh lamps, art and a seating vignette in the bay window.  The client loved the changes in this room and throughout her home and decided to stay put.

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