Outdoor Furniture!

As you might expect, this is a great time of year to buy outdoor furniture as Brown Jordan (luxury outdoor furniture) is having a great sale. Perfect timing: the best weather we get in North Texas is around the corner. My designer discount is even better than usual, now through October 15th. 10 day quick ship on most items.

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Geodes: Who Needs a Centerpiece?

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Who knew rocks could be so cool?  A centerpiece.  A “flower”.  A sculpture.

I love this botanical at the entrance to Dallas Market Center that uses a geode as the “bloom”.  It will never wilt.  It took millions of years to form.

And these geode sculptures from Arteriors.

And these geodes from Pettigrew that were the perfect complement for my client’s updated master bedroom as if they were dyed using the same pigment for her rug.

What is a geode exactly?  Check out this link: http://www.rocksandminerals4u.com/geodes.html

Which states:  “Geodes are like the Tootsie Roll Pop of the geology world because underneath the hard exterior lies a surprise center!”

They are formed by a cavity in hard rock either from a volcanic air bubble, or an animal burrow or tree roots.  Over millions of years, as mineral-rich water moves through the cavity, tiny crystals get deposited, clinging to the inside of the cavity.  The crystal formations left behind are amazing “works of art”.  No two exactly alike.


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It’s Never Too Soon

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Planning ahead for Christmas.  It’s never too soon.  Dallas Market Center starts displaying new selections for the upcoming holidays in January.  My client knew she wanted some fresh holiday decorations for her newly updated family room and master bedroom.  We scored these beautiful ornaments on a trip to Market last week… and we were assured they would arrive on time.  Can’t wait to see them on the tree come December.

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Unpredictable Hallway Art

Instead of the predictable family portraits hanging in the hallway to the master, this client commissioned fun and colorful original art that “reflects” each member of the family.  Would you guess this family is musical?

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Showcase Shower

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My client’s goals were a classy, current and usable bathroom.

We removed their unused tub and created an expansive shower.  The one-two punch of installing tile to the ceiling and using frameless glass dramatically enlarged their visible space.

A stunning remnant of Calacatta Gold marble that was just wide enough for their countertops served as the inspiration for all other material selections.  The tile choice was challenging, only because there were so many good choices.  My client ultimately selected a spectacular Calacatta marble and glass water-jet mosaic for their shower “statement wall” and a Calacatta stone-stud mosaic for their backsplash.

Other highlights and improvements:  eliminating a cramped door to the water closet; new maple cabinets; elegant polished nickel hardware; oversized rectangular sinks, polished nickel plumbing fixtures including a spa-like rain-head and functional removable showerhead on a slide-bar; and dazzling polished nickel and crystal pendant and vanity lighting.

Goals exceeded.

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Zebra Gray Sandstone?

Drop-dead gorgeous PORCELAIN matte tile that mimics the look and feel of Zebra gray sandstone just waiting for the right bathroom remodel to come along.

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A Great, Great Room

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What’s better about this great room?  A lot.

  • The previous owner had furniture blocking the walkway to the master bedroom.
  • The TV cabinet, which we removed, consumed a lot of potential living space.
  • Now there is a furniture grouping that promotes conversation with just one focal point with the TV mounted over the fireplace.
  • Barstools without backs provide seating while opening the view from the great room to the kitchen.

We planned their furniture arrangement shortly after “move-in day” repurposing furniture from their previous home whenever possible.  We decided to re-upholster the two French occasional chairs with a rich chenille leopard print, re-upholster and relocate the other two chairs to their entry and dining room and substitute an inviting upholstered chair and ottoman.  The formal couch needed to go.  The relaxed sofa my client selected will be a “forever sofa”.

A hand-knotted wool rug from Feizy, a commissioned original art piece and carefully selected accessories complete the room.

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