An Outdoor Space Fitting of the Forth

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An inviting outdoor space does as much to nurture the soul as an inviting interior.

This client had a covered outdoor patio with a great view of their pool with proximity to their outdoor wood-burning fireplace.  A large screen TV provides a backup entertainment option.  The only problem:  there was no place to sit comfortably and enjoy.

Problem solved:  a quality Brown Jordan sectional with custom-selected fabrics in coordinating neutrals allows the color from the garden to reign supreme.  An outdoor rug, also from Brown Jordan, makes the space even more inviting.

Garden color may even steal the “pop” from the fireworks.

About Design Perspectives LLC

My name is Amy Anderson, President, Design Perspectives LLC. I offer my clients comprehensive design assistance for their home from conception through implementation. Services range from design consulting, to remodeling, to decorating, to staging to live or sell. I have a unique background which sets me apart in the interior design field. In addition to my experience in art and design, my undergraduate degree is in civil engineering. As a result, I am able to interpret blueprints, visualize designs 3-dimensionally, communicate effectively with contractors and raise critical questions during a remodeling project. My clients may fully envision their finished project in advance through the use of product boards, drawings and computer-aided design tools. With ten years of sales, service and management experience at IBM, I am fully committed to excellence and customer service, and bring strong communication and listening skills to my client relationships. I understand teamwork, project management and attention to detail. As a home designer, I am able to combine these professional skills with my artistic talents. I am thrilled to be pursuing my passion which benefits us both. I love what I do … my heart is in my vocation. I work diligently, enthusiastically, passionately …. assisting my clients in the creation of a beautiful and livable home.
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