BoyS’ Bath

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With an emphasis on the plural.  This bathroom is shared by four boys, so the design needed masculine appeal and an emphasis on usability.

On the usability front:

  • The new vanity is taller and has 6 deep drawers replacing less usable open under-sink space.
  • A walk-in shower with frameless glass replaced an unused tub/shower combination.
  • The shower tile extends to the ceiling and a wainscot of tile was added not only making the room appear bigger, but expanding the splash zone.
  • A shampoo cubby was inserted in the shower wall for easy storage and access to toiletries.
  • Towel hooks were installed which take up less space and are more likely to get used by teenage boys.
  • A large shower head was installed making quick showers more likely.

For visual appeal:

  • Large 12×24 “metalwood” tiles with stacked horizontal bands of narrow glass tile create a clean, masculine look.
  • The head-banger cabinet was removed creating a visually larger space.
  • Frameless shower glass allows full appreciation of the stunning new shower tile.
  • Tone on tone grays create a calm and less busy space.
  • New nickel plumbing fixtures, bathroom accessories and lighting finished off the new look.




About amyweltyanderson

My name is Amy Anderson, President, Design Perspectives LLC. I offer my clients comprehensive design assistance for their home from conception through implementation. Services range from design consulting, to remodeling, to decorating, to staging to live or sell. I have a unique background which sets me apart in the interior design field. In addition to my experience in art and design, my undergraduate degree is in civil engineering. As a result, I am able to interpret blueprints, visualize designs 3-dimensionally, communicate effectively with contractors and raise critical questions during a remodeling project. My clients may fully envision their finished project in advance through the use of product boards, drawings and computer-aided design tools. With ten years of sales, service and management experience at IBM, I am fully committed to excellence and customer service, and bring strong communication and listening skills to my client relationships. I understand teamwork, project management and attention to detail. As a home designer, I am able to combine these professional skills with my artistic talents. I am thrilled to be pursuing my passion which benefits us both. I love what I do … my heart is in my vocation. I work diligently, enthusiastically, passionately …. assisting my clients in the creation of a beautiful and livable home.
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